Sustain or Collapse

Knowing about the world we reside in is very different from the Upper class down to the Lower, so I’m able to accept many losses because there’s so much more to gain!

Hearts are meant to be broken and Brains are prosperous with growth, re frame from thinking with your Heart being that Brains are the way to go!

Growth is granted with time not everyone is fit to be a Leader in life, some people will rebel even if change was the only way in their way, So never let your issues turn against you!

You’re scared & paranoid to speak the truth but you gladly accept their Physical &Mental abuse!

A close mouth will not become fed, it will leave you to drown in your own vomit, speak your mind it will become your strongest accomplishment!

If they can’t see the goodness in you know that you can see the hatred in them, that’s why I’m not offended by what people say, I’m only troubled when I witnessed their “Confidence” being the camouflage for their own self hate!

Assumptions are only made by those who don’t think! Since there is a price to pay likes the brain which is a terrible thing to waste!

Become your own follower so you can unleash the Leader in you!

Your kindness is your worst enemy, self destruction defeats many!

If our mind was a closet being a size of a content, which stores data in a whole “lifetime” then every shoe isn’t meant to be tied  and  every jean is not  meant to be creased, so sort out your thoughts & keep what you need!

Your only weak because you strength is out of your reach, you’ll be better in time once you leave your bitter past behind!

You’re not old they’re just young being that your wise in their very nature as they are waiting to assemble their time from God the creator!

Some people stick together because their UN-happy and that’s all they know or is it that they communicate and that’s why they grow, Life will teach you so allow your patience to show!

Don’t let negativity get in your way note people are user they have your worst interest so pay attention for their cruel intentions!

Something’s are better unsaid because talk is cheap- my Actions are how I achieve!

If biting your tongue was a crime then let society be fined because I speak my mind!

Knowing who you are is the beginning of your journey, obstacles Awaits!


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I know who I am

I know my place in life and what car to ride that will conquer my journeys as they arrive.

I keep my engine filled wit petroleum, Can’t think on a empty stomach so an oil change shall keep my goals from crumbling.

Have to increase the quality on the break pads or just slow down in life by releasing the gas, Your future is not going anywhere except for your past.

A wheel alignment will work fine allowing you to continue on your daily four wheel drive.

Be weary of pot holes and speed bumps, Mistakes are only given to the chosen ones..

You are your best pedestrian, So allow the rushing to be up to the paramedics

Pay attention to your exit so you wont live to regret it.

Car -Pools  are for those who need protection, Its your dream not what your passenger suggested.

In life you are who you choose to be, Nothing less than your own identity.

So why let it waste on someone else beliefs, Your visions are what keeps your focus  in sink.


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Luvs is known to be “One in a Million”
Lust is a “Billion out of a Billion”
As “True love continues to be “prosperous”
Which dwells In the midst of “ONCE in a Life Time”
The way you play your cards is how u decide
One who strive for perfection
Knows deep inside that there’s no such things of a impeccable life
But by the way they act you won’t be able to Question it
If they abuse themselves, chances are they’ll ruin you
In life you just have to live and do you
By living committed to your goals
Will leave your intruders dancing on coals
Only if perseverance remain Inevitable
If you find love “Note” that you have stayed true to thyself
No need of anyone’s approval once you strive for your dreams
Glued to your own standards not what others perceive
If you value yourself as the best then less of another wouldn’t consist
In the end you will only get what you put in
So adore yourself endlessly with no conceit
Then you will only attract those who treat u like a King/Queen
Not a servant but royalty will be granted to produce mutually
Being a Puppeteer is not what in mind
So always stay dedicated when you utilize your mind

~Artistic inclined with Written speech to Puzzle Visions into people beliefs 🙂 (That’s Meeh!)

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As far as the Earth is from the moon

No matter were you are

Will never separate the distance of how close I feel to you

You’re more than pure

An existence so true

Close to I like a child in a Womb

More than a part of me, “Soul-Twin”

To sink in to my Minds fantasy like “Quick Sand”

Grasping no visions but full instincts

Indulging in a Fairy Tale living

Heart aches are no longer mentioned

As you gave my past no attention

Just a bright future in Remission

You are my distance

That I will run for in a minute

No matter time, forecasts or sickness

I will be there to patch the stitches

When you feel emptiness

You are my Stars, Earth, Suns and Moon

The Universe is clearly you

Gravity can’t hold me down from you

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A heart that’s “Golden Remains Eternal” leaving ” looks to deprive deteriorating  with time

Change exist with effort the beginning is when admitting to your mistakes

Those who learn from their mistake never complain so they sail into sagacity reaching a brighter day

Your past don’t exist its only haunts you if you let it

Never  try to fight something that you can’t move “Learn To Embrace The Truth”

Love hurts but pain heals like a headache knockout with Advil, life is a struggle so its left to you to gain some muscles

Be thankful for everything tho most come from a broken background its a reason why we strive for perfection

I value myself because I know my worth which is priceless compare to your normal Jerks

In life Your the designer of your own “sculpture” so lets stop the duplications and bring originality closer

You always have a lot to say but your actions never take place paralyze when it comes to living  what you say

If i can’t love myself than I can’t adore you that’s why I spoil myself so you know what’s in store for you

Don’t search for true love “Its meant once in a lifetime” ” you two will soon find in a coincidental time”

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Where’s The Love

I will like to be Held tight by an Angel who can love me for life

Where is she, Ms Right who can Indulge in my life Like a Burglar in the night

With out a  sound as she enter as her wings spread casting Light in to my Dark Sight

Allowing chills to roam down my spine Like an Eskimo in the winter time           Until her warmth filled my igloo with comfort

Expressing to me that I was Reserved for Her like a Kidney of a Donor, From above she was sent most wait a life time but for me it was Instant.

I witnessed a Fairy Tail exist in my beliefs, knowing that every touch of Comfort was molded and destined for me so many can not live so desperately but deeply loath vividly through my Angel and Me, from the beginning this Impeccable picture was painted so clearly….

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You are You

What Determines your identity Is living your life fully

“Lord” will not put you through anything that you can see through

Every second you grow so recognize your own strength by realizing that

You are stronger than you’ll ever  know

Most settle for less living in a hurry as I settle for the best letting patience show me

Challenges you over come brings growth and new directions to life

The past is a sacrifice of your present time, so don’t dwell and enjoy your life

I’m your shoulder to lean on regarding the fact I’m the one you planted your dreams on

Lets make a path that leads to the future not the past its where I rather reside at

Knowing I’m not perfect everything I lack she makes It worth It

I value myself knowing what I’m worth, which tips the scales of society confidence by charming so priceless

Soft words reveals her smooth as silk a bond shared so threaded to form a quilt

She is every mans lust of fire  but one man crush in desire

Her voice will take your heart higher higher than an opera singer directing a choir

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