Peace n Stones

Life’s like a needle an Love is the Sweater

We the people become the thread

Once we sew Wisdom -ships Together

Astray from allowing time to deteriorate

It’s more valuable than what gold can bring

Off like the sunset you will disappear

If you roam with what’s granted in fear

Life is about what you can learn and give

Wisdom spreads when you learn to forgive

Some have hobbies and majority have goals

Blessed to know my hobbies achieves my goals

When you fall short continue stronger

Why give up when starting over takes longer

Many are suppressed walking in same direction

That will never prosper tho many suggest an exit

Never settle for less when you can live its fullest

Why bite the bullet with lust when romance is the ultimate trust of love

Always follow your first thought “Instinct”  Tho the second one  will have you come up short “Instant”

Hold on to your joy because pain in life is Inevitable

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My way of life

Thankful for a brighter day risen over yesterday

Being productive is a way of life if you inherit the drive

There’s no excuses to finding the solution

Life is a gamble without “God” there’s no sight

Impressions are given one attempt draw your cards right

Were bond to prosper from ups and downs

Don’t be depressed  let all the pain rest

Firm as the “Great-Wall”  Tho I rise as I fall

“The Lord is the spotlight”

Treat him right and you’ll “shine through life”

Once remained in pieces attaining a heart of glass

To succeed into your  future you have to bury the past

What we call life is filled with surprises

Never let society suppress you from rising

A day without faith allows sin to intake

If you strive to walk be able to embrace the fall

You have to crawl to reach your destination jog

Life is easy when you get to know it

Keep your faith with the “Almighty Lord”

Know your blessings will come down as you rise


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Do your part and beyond
so if their not met halfway
your only rely on yourself Anyways
The Lord is my protection ”
Why utilize your suggestions
Life to short to be moving fast
Embrace the brakes lose the gas
Therefore time presents in your presence
Allowing  future persist as a gift
I’m always expecting the worst
Tho I’m blessed to risen over the curse
Faith at an all time high
Shadows of life has no pride walking by my side
God fearing so your no threat
As  I remain ahead like propellers on plane
Residing in the moment far to become a resident of the past aches
Endure patience with gratitude as you  Witness  your abilities of life become in tune with abundance

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Feeling trap though the doors are open
Curtains blowing as smoke from the chimney has me choking
This a sign that theres other ways out
Why I remain  glued even when I have freedom to choose
knowing I can but I don’t tells me I enjoy being mentally abused
have I lost my mind or your tone replaced mines
Radar would not pick me from a satellite
There’s no moving in my life
Would I have a brain if it wasn’t screwed on tight
I’m lost in your world of abuse
Where your favorites colors are black and blue
Leaving my whole body torture and bruised                                                Now I drown in all regrets of words I never said                                          Guess I’m trap inside of your head.

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Plant your dreams sky high
Where only you can reach to achieve
Never fall lost in some one Else’s vision
Theirs already been copy written
you’re no puppet
Only You decide who dictate your mind
We all are created equal yet unique
Sharing the same air to breathe
Rotate your own strings, its your life if you ever decide
Allow your mind to soar
Explore your visions as if they exist
Random thoughts soon will grasps your fingertips
If I had one wish best believe life would be…..
Filled with the most articulate souls of leadership
No longer chase the unknown
Definition of dream rebirths in me and so on….

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Life is not what you can take from it
It’s what you make it
Birth with a pair of odds
Then learn to embrace it
Rise like yeast in the heart of your abilities
As your cards sprout to useful tendency
Deprive is no longer a figure of speech
If you over come being stoned verbally
Put the hand of the dealer to an end
If destine with imppecable behavior
Royal will shines from its creator
Like an eagle spreading globaly in any weather
With direction but certain of its suggeston

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Blindness Of Love

Lost in a world where love blinds you
Hiding your scars which burns inside
Dozen of nights my heart was buried alive
Her deceitful punishment engaging in other guys
Why no cry when torture conflicts our life
Is happiness in yourself a start
Resolving the fire still burn inside
Not allowing my tears to unbreak my heart
Cause my lids has to much pride
To rinse the lies
Time no longer exist until strive broke in
Its a constant battle when love gone with the wind

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